Flexible Solar Panels 100 Watt | KVM 100 W 12V flexible

These flexible Solar panels 100 W are widely used on caravans because of their light weight and their flexibility. To top it off  flexible solar panels can be easily installed on slightly curved surfaces and add a natural appeal to your vehicle with their noble design.

Our panels in particular are not only light but also sturdy so that they can be used for off-road expeditions.

These solar panels are:

  • Flexible
  • Light and thin
  • Weather- resistant

A highly transparent, weather-resistant plastic surface protects the solar panel against all environmental influences. The special carrier plate developed by us replaces the glass and protects the cells from breakage and water.

If you are looking for a simple and flexible solar system for your RV, this solar panel is the right choice. Its high longevity allows you to produce your own solar energy sustainably for a long time.

This is guaranteed by your solar panel manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg, Solar Swiss.

Technical overview:

Maximum power (Pmax): 100,0 Wp
Max. deviation from Pmpp: ±3%
Maximum point voltage (Umpp): 18,3 V
Maximum current by Pmpp (Impp): 5,35 A
Open cicuit voltage (Uoc): 22,20 V
Short circuit current (Isc): 5,75 A
Temp. coeff. Pmpp (%/K): -0,45
Temp. coeff. I sc (%/K): +0,038
Temp. coeff. Uoc (%/K): -0,33
Cell efficiency (%) 19,00
Cell dimension (mm^2) 125×125 mm
Max. System voltage: 750 V
Connecting cable (mm2): 2,5 mm
Bypass diodes: 2 Stk.
Module length: 1195 mm
Module width: 530 mm
Module height: 3,4 mm
Module height with junction box:: 23,5 mm
Weight approx.: 3,4 kg
IP level of protection: IP65
Product guarantee: 2 years
Colours: white or black

STC: Standard Test Conditions: Radiation strenght 1.000 W/m^2, spectral distribution
AM 1.5, Temprature 25 ±2 °C