Foldable solar panel| KVM-100; KVM-120 Wp 12 V foldable

With every year the solar technology becomes more efficient, like our new foldable solar panels 100 and 120 W. Our improved foldable solar panels now consist of two instead of three solar parts, which makes it lighter but not less sturdy.

Since the beginning, Solar Swiss stands for „high-quality“ solar panels. We use the appropriate materials, so that these foldable solar panels are easy to handle but not at risk to be damaged.


  1. Very Light
  2. Waterproof (IP 65)
  3. High cell efficiency
  4. High cell durability

Nothing is as practical as a foldable solar panel. Its 6 meter cable allows you to set up the panel where and how you want. With this you can leave your camper in the shade and place the solar panel in the sun. With our solar panels you are also able to camp wherever you want and never have to worry about electrical power. In addition, we have improved the wiring and thereby excluded corrosion of the contacts or short circuit due to water damage.

What else should you know about this panel:

No assembly necessary:
After the solar panel is correctly connected to your battery, it starts to charge it. Plug-and-Play.

Free seats:
If you don´t want to leave your caravan in the blazing sun, so that your solar panel deliver high yield, then this foldable solar panel is just right. With the 6 m long solar cable you can park comfortably in the shade and place the panel in the sun. Rearranging the solar panel with the sun movements 3 to 4 times a day will lead to a much higher yield of solar power.

Whether you are going hiking, on tour with your caravan or you make a family trip on your boot, you can unfold the solar panel wherever you like and enjoy your independence from the grid electricity.
The most beautiful places can usually be found away from sockets.

Technical overview:

Maximum power (Pmax): 100,0 Wp 120 Wp
Max. deviation from Pmpp: ±5% ±5%
Maximum point voltage (Umpp): 17,63 V 21,31 V
Maximum current by Pmpp (Impp) 5,67 A 5,67 A
Open cicuit voltage (Uoc): 20,25 V 24,77 V
Short circuit current (Isc): 5,96 A 5,96 A
Temp. coeff. Pmpp (%/K): -0,37 -0,37
Temp. coeff. I sc (%/K): +0,033 +0,033
Temp. coeff. Uoc (%/K): -0,24 -0,24
Max. System voltage: 48,00 V 48,00 V
Connecting cable (mm2): 2,5  2,5
Bypass diodes: 2 pcs 2 pcs
Module length folded: 460 mm 720 mm
Module width folded: 550 mm 550 mm
Module height folded: 40,0 mm 40,0 mm
Modul length unfolded: 1190 mm 1415 mm
Module width unfolded: 550 mm 550 mm
Module height unfolded: 10,00 mm 10,00 mm
Weight approx.: 4,00 kg 5,00 kg

STC: Standard Test Conditions: Radiation strenght 1.000 W/m^2, spectral distribution
AM 1.5, Temprature 25 ±2 °C